Interceptors in JUnit 4.7

Written on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 at 3:16 pm by David Saff
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For both of you that read this blog, and haven’t already seen it, there’s some fun stuff brewing in JUnit 4.7.

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  1. The Green Bar » Blog Archive » Getting the name of the currently-running test method Says:

    […] the latest snapshot of JUnit 4.7, we’ve re-introduced this feature, by way of Interceptors.  It looks like […]

  2. The Green Bar » Blog Archive » Rules in JUnit 4.7 Says:

    […] and interpretation of test methods.  We are calling this feature Rules (replacing the earlier name Interceptors).  You can download a snapshot of this release.  We are planning no new feature for this version, […]

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